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District Lodge Regular Meeting Nights

Niagara Lodge No. 2 1st. Wednesday St. Mark's Lodge No. 105 2nd. Tuesday
St. George's Lodge No. 15 2nd. Tuesday Merritt Lodge No. 168 2nd. Monday
Amity Lodge No. 32 2nd. Wednesday McNab Lodge No. 169 2nd. Tuesday
Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103 2nd. Thursday Clifton Lodge No. 254 2nd. Wednesday
Ivy Lodge No. 115 1st. Tuesday Myrtle Lodge No. 337 2nd. Thursday
Mountain Lodge No. 221 3rd. Thursday Palmer Lodge No. 372 1st. Tuesday
Seymour Lodge No. 227 2nd. Wednesday Copestone Lodge No. 373 2nd. Thursday
Temple Lodge No. 296 3rd. Wednesday King Edward VII Lodge No. 471 1st. Wednesday
Dufferin Lodge No., 338 3rd. Tuesday Phoenix Lodge No. 535 3rd. Monday
Coronation Lodge No. 502 1st. Monday Adoniram Lodge No. 573 1st. Monday
Adanac Lodge No. 614 1st. Thursday Dominion Lodge No. 615 1st. Thursday
Perfection Lodge No. 616 2nd. Monday    
St. Andrew's Lodge No. 661 4th. Friday    
Grantham Lodge No. 697 Last Monday    
Brock Daylight Lodge No. 745 2nd. Saturday    
All Lodges in Niagara A meet at 7:30 pm except on Installation nights when the meetings commence at 7:00 pm.  There are no meetings in July and August.

The only exception to the above is Brock Daylight Lodge which meets at 10:00 am. and does not meet December, January and February.
All Lodges in Niagara B meet at 7:30 pm.  There are no meetings in July and August.

The only exception to the above is Myrtle Lodge which meets at 8:00 pm. and does not meet in December, July and August.

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